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The international media exchange group made an in-depth visit to Dongcheng Company, exchanging ideas and discussing development together!

Issuing Time: 2024-06-17 13:29:56

In Qidong, Jiangsu Province, 31 May 2024 --The "Opportunity China, Open Jiangsu" 2024 SHOW JIANGSU Photography Tour in Nantong, jointly organized by the Press Office of the People's Government of Jiangsu Province, the Foreign Affairs Office of the People's Government of Jiangsu Province and the News and Information Centre of Xinhua News Agency, has come to a successful conclusion in Nantong! Journalists and professional photographers from 29 international mainstream media such as Russian Gazette, Argentina National News Agency, Avesta News Agency and 20 domestic media people, including from Xinhua News Agency, visited Jiangsu Power Tools Industrial Park and entered Jiangsu Dongcheng Power Tools Co. to experience the charm of China’s smart manufacturing.

In Dongcheng Company, the media people at home and abroad visited the enterprise exhibition hall to gain a deeper understanding of the company's development process and innovative technology. Under the guidance of professionals, they were excited to experience the trial of the machine. Paul Alex Mathiasen, the reporter from the "Listin Diario" of Dominican Republic, said: "It’s my first time to see such a large-scale power tool production enterprise, and the tool manufacturing process and its function are very impressive. I hope to bring products of high quality to my country through this event."


In addition, they visited Dongcheng's intelligent manufacturing line, perceiving Dongcheng's manufacturing hard power up close and touching the pulse of new quality productive forces.

On the same day, Mr. Gu Zhiping, chairman of Dongcheng Company, said in the interview with international media, "Dongcheng's overseas marketing network has covered more than 60 countries and regions at this stage, and will always adhere to the route of independent brands in expanding overseas markets in the future. We will continue to make breakthroughs in the real core technology through R&D and innovation, so as to broaden the depth and breadth of the brand, and continue to mark up the added value of the Chinese brand, sharing the Chinese high quality products with the world."

Dongcheng Company is one of the key backbone enterprises of professional power tool manufacturing in China, with rich manufacturing experience and a leading position in the field of power tool production and manufacturing. The development process of Dongcheng Company is also a microcosm of China's smart manufacturing. Dating back to 1995, Mr. Gu Zhiping, the chairman of Dongcheng Company, established Dongfang Power Tools Factory in Qidong. In 2012, Dongcheng started the process of internationalization of the brand and the layout of the international market. So far, it has become a leading brand of professional power tools in the Chinese market, and its overseas marketing network has spread to more than 60 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East Africa, Europe and the United States. These achievements are due to the fact that Dongcheng has always harbored the corporate vision of "China's Leading Company, Global Synchronization", adhered to the innovation-driven strategy, and constantly improved product quality and technical level, successfully creating a bright business card of China's self-owned brand.

This international media exchange activity not only provides an opportunity for overseas media people to understand Dongcheng Company, but also opens the window for the world to explore the future development trend of the industry. The media present said that through this visit, they have gained a deeper understanding of China's power tool industry, and are also full of confidence in the future of China's smart manufacturing. They will also show the world the charm of China's smart manufacturing with their words and lenses, so that more people can understand China and the development of China's power tool industry.

So far, Dongcheng Company has not only made bright achievements at home, but also established a good corporate image in the international market. It is believed that with the visit of international media, more people will have an awareness and understanding of Dongcheng Company in the future. At the same time, it shows the world a new picture of manufacturing transformation and integrated development of China, accelerating the pace of continuous integration of China's manufacturing industry into the world economy.